Recent changes released:


  • Cloud PBX (Release 3.1.29)
    • Amount of numbers shown in Alternate Numbers (Additionele Telefoonnummers) fixed.
    • Search in Agents for HuntGroups and CallCenters fixed
    • Error Message handling updated; some pages just redirected to the previous page on a api get error, now there will also be a error message shown with the reason why.
  • Orion (Release 743)
    Netwerkacties Zakelijk Internet en @Work (Tablet)
    03.04.23 t/m 30.04.23
  • Wholesale Portal
    • Deploy: Deadlock issue, certificates, consumer service & bug fixes
    • Dockerfile refactoring + remove consumer service
    • [security] Store KVK certificates in Bitbucket secrets
    • [fix] Unexpected error when searching client/partner name with characters

    • [fix] Unexpected error on production – KVK search missing field